You can deposit an amount of money and add a new job. Our team will review and add it to our system. Minimum deposit is 5 USD. If you don't touch your money for 6 months, our company will have full right on that money.

Yes, absolutely. You can do the job again if it has been rejected. 

You can see it on link.

If your job has been rejected it means that you did not do the requirements well. 

No. It is against our guidelines. You can do a job only one time. Otherwise you will be blocked.

If your job completion is rejected you can see it on as "rejection reason":

After rejection you can do the job again with correct way.

We check the jobs within 24-48 hours. (only weekdays)

You need to check applied jobs page:

Our payment limit is a minimum of 2.5 USD until 30 August 2023. In other words, in order to have right on your money and withdraw your money, your balance must be at least 2.5 USD.

When your balance amount is 5 USD, you will be asked for your Paypal accout information when you enter the "payment request" page on our panel. After entering your paypal account information, the money you earn will be transferred to your account between the 1st and 5th of each month.

The more tasks you do, the more money you earn. When the balance amount in your account is 5 USD, you can request a payment. If you wish, you can collect and withdraw in bulk.

You can do as many tasks as you want, there is no limit.

More than one task is added to our panel every day, you can check your e-mail inbox to not miss the added tasks.

There are different tasks in our panel. These are mainly; Reviewibg on Google businesses, following businesses' social media accounts, making searches and filling out surveys.

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